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Windows Phone

Developers’ account almost for free

New product of Microsoft – Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – has premiere this week. Since yesterday developers can download the Windows Phone 8 SDK. In addition to this two events Microsoft has announced that over next eight days developers [mark]can register for a Dev Center account for just $8[/mark]. The original price is $99. At beginning developers will be charged $99 and then in the next 45 days the difference will be refunded. More details can be founded at Microsoft web page.

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SpeedDial 1.4

New version of SpeedDial is available to download. In new version you will find few new features. Moreover application speed has been improved. List of changes: - improved application performance, - changing the way of displaying contact list – in current version whole list of contacts is always displayed, - new functional ‘#’ key has been added – pressing ‘#’ key when on the list are some contacts will start calling to the first person on the list; when the list is empty, application will start to dial on number entered in search text box.

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Kursy Walut 1.6

In this week new version of Kursy Walut should be available on Windows Phone Marketplace. The most important changes are: - new way of currency chart presentation, - the main interface simplification, - ads removal, - reduction of Internet connection usage, - possibility to define order in favourites currencies list – order in which currencies have been added to favourite list will remain.

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Interview with Nikola Mihaylov

This time I want to encourage you to watch video from Channel9. It is an interview with Nikola Mihaylov – the software developer of the Fantasia Painter. It is one of the best image editor available for Windows Phone. Like me, Nikola has a slight obsession with an application performance. During 24 minutes talk, we can find a lot of tips how to create high performance application on the Windows Phone platform.

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Improving WP7 application start-up

Windows Phone application must pass certification criteria. You can find two of them that are strictly connected with application start-up time: [list icon=”check”] the application should show first screen of application in less than 5 seconds. Of course this can be splash screen, the application should respond to user actions no later than 20 seconds after launching. [/list] You might wonder if this is a lot. From my point of view it is very difficult to overcome these two limitations. However, if we look at application from user’s perspective, waiting 20 seconds for start of application can be terribly annoying. [...]

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Free Microsoft certification exams

Few days ago Microsoft has published promotional codes for Visual Studio 2012 exams. By using those codes you are able to take an exam for free. Of course these are beta exams. But it does not change the fact, that when you pass it you will get normal certificate. You can chose from following exams: [list icon="check"] 481: Essentials of Developing Windows Metro style Apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, 482: Advanced Metro style App Development using HTML5 and JavaScript, 483: Programming in C#, 484: Essentials of Developing Windows Metro style Apps using C#, 485: Advanced Metro style App Development using [...]

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Encryption of XAP files

Microsoft has updated AppHub portal last week. New name has been introduced – Dev Center and some new functionalities have been added. The portal works much faster now. Let’s back to the main issue. With the new portal XAP files encryption has been introduced. From the perspective of end users the change is rather cosmetic and should not be noticed. However, if we look from developers (creating applications on Windows Phone) point of view this change seems to be very important. Until recently, developers were exposed on solution theft. Only few steps were required for that purpose: [list icon=”check”] installing [...]

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Safe way of Windows Phone Tasks handling

Have you ever wondered how you should use Windows Phone 7 Tasks correctly? When you look through the examples on MSDN, in most cases you will find following structure: Task task = new Task(); try { task.PropertyA = “A”; task.PropertyB = “B”; task.PropertyC = “C”; task.Show(); } catch (System.InvalidOperationException ex) { MessageBox.Show(“An error occurred.”); } […]

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