Please remember that we are focusing on the AI part of Azure. So each time when you can simplify your prototype, please do that. Together with that please remember that it should be functional.

Please select the most interesting exercise for you and when you will finish doing that please switch to other one.


Photo App content moderator

Please create a solution that will moderate photos uploaded by users in the application and inform the administrator by mail each time when it will contain racy or adult content.


Driver verification

Please create a solution that will double check that driver registered in TaxiApp is the same that is driving the car. You should provide driver name and current photo.


Primary school gatekeeper

Create a solution that will inform security by sending SMS each time when somebody older than 16 years will try to enter the school.


Cat photo moderator

Deliver a solution that will accept only photos that contain cat on it.


Audience-condition monitor

Please create an application that will help the speaker during talks. It should monitor audience emotions and inform the speaker about it.


Universal communication device

Please create a translator from one language to another. You should be able to talk in English. The system should be able to understand your language. Then translate it into German and say translated text in the German.


Prescription Automated Reading

Please create a solution that will be used in pharmacy to help reading the prescription. It should save information about patient and medications into the database.


Voice Notepad

Please create an application that will save into text fill all information that you will dictate to it.


Cat race detector

Create a system that will be able to let you know what is the race of the cat on the photo. Your system should be able to detect at least three races.


Customers happiness monitor

Please create a solution that will monitor your stand during the exhibition. It should gather such information like: number, age, gender and mood of people that visited your stand. Please provide nice looking graphs presenting those stats.


Negative review monitor

Please create a solution that will monitor the Twitter account and let you know by sending email and SMSes when somebody is negatively talking about your product. You can use #Azure as a hashtag of your product.


Search plus

Build your console search portal that will be better than leading searching engines because it will serve content without ads.


Your next generation app

Maybe you have some idea what you can do with AI features. Please feel free to implement your solution.