We are now getting into the serverless era. Many already known development patterns and solutions are not valid anymore. We need to solve issues in a bit different way. New challenges are waiting for us.

One of such challenges is data storing. The classic approach is not good enough. We expect to be able to have a solution in which we will have instant access to all data, schema-less date structure, scalable throughput and global replication.

CosmosDB fulfils all of those requirements. During this session, you will learn how to use CosmosDB in your serverless solutions. I will start with a short introduction of this service, and I will present most essential features of CosmosDB. Then you will be able to learn how you can store and query data with this product. Then we will try to build our first serverless solution that will use CosmosDB as a database.

Finally, we will play with query optimisation. I would like to show you that you can improve performance and reduce your solution costs by few simple actions.