1. Please create POST API as Azure Function that will allow to:
    1. Store information about the customer in Storage Table.
  2. Extend your solution to be able to:
    1. Send thank you email to newly registered customers – use SendGrid
    2. Send SMS to you when new customer has registered – use Twilio
  3. Validate customer data:
    1. All fields must have values
    2. Birth year must be between 1900 and current year
    3. Email must have correct format
  4. Publish your solution to Azure Portal
  5. Try to test your solution
  6. Check how you can debug your function locally
  7. Connect your solution to page with form and publish it to Cloud


  1. The customer should have the following fields:
    1. name
    2. surname
    3. country
    4. e-mail
    5. birth year
  2. To get SendGrid API key you need to click Manage after it will be created
  3. You will get about 15 USD for start in Twilio so you will be able to send messages
  4. Remember to configure CORS when you will try to connect web page to your back-end
  5. Triggers and bindings documentation
  6. Azure WebJobs SDK Extensions documentation – it will be quite useful when you will decide to write solution in Visual Studio
  7. Web page with the form is available at the following link. You should edit only js-files\formSubmitter.js file. There you should update API Url.