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Azure Messaging – stats

From time to time I am trying to figure out the size of Azure cloud. It is not so easy to acquire such data. Because of that I like to go sometimes to presentation that is conducted by somebody from Microsoft. In most cases such presentation contains rather marketing content than practical one. But quite often you can see interesting data. In September during Progressive .NET 2017 I got luck. In one of presentation some statistic regarding Azure Messaging has been revealed. The first thing that came to my mind was reflection that on the one hand this solution works [...]

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Dev Center for 19$

Once again Microsoft is trying to attract developers to its platform by reducing original price for developer account to 19$. This promotion will be valid till 27th August 2013. I encourage people who would like to start developing applications for Windows Phone platform to consider using this promotion. This price is also attractive for developers whose account is almost expired. More details can be found at Dev Center web page.

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Selling applications at Polish Windows Store

Every time when somebody asks me if it is possible to earn money by selling application on [mark]Windows Store[/mark] that are targeted on Polish users, I say that in most cases you are unable to do this. Polish people have quite specific attitude for buying mobile applications and their evaluations. Ideally, the app should be free and without ads. […]

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Budget – What? So small?

Last time I cleaned up my PC I have found a photo from WUD Kraków conference. It shows attitude to budget presented by interactive agency and ordering company. Quite often in Poland we can see the practise that customers are not reviling information about project budget. Customers are afraid of the situation that interactive agency will provide calculation which will use the entire budget. On the opposite side is interactive agency. The company which is full of creative people who want to provide the best and the most innovative solution for customers. The solution which is remarkable and definitely will [...]

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