1. Please create Azure Function that will (*):
    1. accept customer data (name and email)
    2. print received data in the log that is available on function screen
  2. Store information about the customer in Storage Table (*).
  3. Send thank you email to newly registered customers – use SendGrid
    1. Manual: Sending emails from Azure Functions – SendGrid
  4. Send SMS to you when a new customer has been registered – use Twilio
    1. Manual: Sending SMSes from Azure Functions – Twilio
  5. Try to test your solution
  6. Validate provided customer data
    1. name should not be empty
    2. email is not empty and it has the correct format 

(*) – mandatory


  1. The customer should have the following fields:
    1. name
    2. e-mail
  2. To get SendGrid API key you need to click Manage after it will be created
  3. You will get about 15 USD for a start in Twilio so you will be able to send messages