At first I would like to thank you for choosing T9 Keyboard application. This application allows you to write SMSes and messages to social media in old style by using T9 dictionary. Right now application is supporting 31 languages.

Following manual is appropriate for version 1.1 of T9 Keyboard application. Please update application on your phone when you have lover version on your mobile. You can check version of application in about section.

T9 Keyboard

The main screen of application is divided into 5 parts:

    1. To: regions – you can add new recipients for your message (by pressing plus) or delete already added. To delete one or more recipients please hold your finger on the name for a while.
      T9 Keyboard - Delete contacts The plus button (mark 6. on the screen) has two functions. When you tap it shortly it will open phonebook and you will be able to choose contact from your phone. Second option is to enter manually the phone number. In this case you need to hold your finger a bit longer on that button. You will get following window:
      Enter unknown number
    2. Message area
    3. Suggestion box – in this area you will see suggested words. You can scroll the list of words and make three actions:
      1. Accept word – by clicking on it.
      2. Load new words by clicking on “…”.
      3. Add new word if application does not know your word.
        T9 Keyboard - New word
    4. Keyboard – allows you entering words in old style – T9. You should press only once key with letter you are interested to enter. Application should find the word you want to enter. Of course you can always add new words if you want. You should know about additional feature of keyboard:
      1. You can remove whole words if you press backspace button for longer.
      2. Entering twice space will be change into “. “ (dot and space).
    5. Application menu has three buttons visible:
      1. send – you should press this button if you want to send entered text as a message. Unfortunate you will need to confirm this action in Windows Phone. This is default security policy and cannot be changed.
      2. share – you will be able to share your status in social media supported by Windows Phone,
      3. copy – you are able to copy entered text to clipboard. Then you will be able to paste it to other application on your phone.

T9 Keyboard - Menu

Moreover you have five additional hidden options:

  1. add new word – you can add new word to application dictionary,
    T9 Keyboard - New word
  2. words manager – you can see the list of added words, add new ones or deleted selected word. For each language there is a separate list,
    T9 Keyboard - Custom Words

    T9 Keyboard - Custom words

  3. manual – link to this webpage,
  4. settings – you can adjust application to your preferences:
    • select T9 language,
    • turn on / off vibrations,
    • turn on / off sounds,
    • turn on / off deletion message after sending,
    • turn on / off removing national characters from the message. Enabling this function will allow you to save some money. National characters need additional space when you are sending a message. So instead of standard 160 letters, SMS message can contain max 63 letters. The final length depends on number of entered national characters.
      When you will find that some off characters are not correctly changed please send me an information about that situation. Please include information about which character is not being changed and to what character it should be changed.
      This feature does not work for following languages: Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian.
    • turn on / off prioritization of words with the same length. When you enable this feature you will see in suggestions words that have the same length as keys you pressed on phone.
      T9 Keyboard - Settings
  5. about – general information about an application and contact data to me.

Right now application is supporting following 31 languages: Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.