PDF Splitter 1.0

I would like to encourage you to download my next application that will help you work with PDF files. As you probably know small applications can help you and save a lot of time. The mentioned application works oppositely than PDF Combiner, instead of combining PDFs documents into one it splits one document into multiple files. Same like in case of PDF Combiner, the application is free, you can use it for commercial purposes and of course, you do not need to install it. More information is available on PDF Splitter page.

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FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension version 1.5

I just managed to publish a new version of package FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension. This package allows you to write unit tests for Fluent Validators in a more effective way. With version 1.5 following changes have been introduced: support for the new version of FluentValidation (>8.4) More information about the project is available on GitHub.

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