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SpeedDial and SpeedDial Pro 1.9

Please be informed that you can download new version of applications SpeedDial and SpeedDial Pro. In both applications following changes have been implemented: - new size of tiles,- improvements in contacts refresh process,- full support for phones with Windows Phone 8 operating system,- support for new characters,- some bugs have been fixed.

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T9 Keyboard 1.1

In next few days new version of application will be available in Windows Phone Store. Below you can find the important changes: - 3 new languages (Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian),- add unknown number as a recipient,- removal of national characters from message,- more ergonomic space button,- possibility to copy entered message,- improved algorithm.

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T9 Keyboard 1.0

Since last Thursday there is a possibility to download my new program - T9 Keyboard. This application bring back to Windows Phone feature that enables you to compose messages by using T9 dictionary. For each of [mark]28th supported languages[/mark] there have been prepared list of [mark]50000 the most used words[/mark]. From those words you are able to create messages. Of course each time you are able to add new words to the dictionary. For more information please visit portfolio page.

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Dev Center for 19$

Once again Microsoft is trying to attract developers to its platform by reducing original price for developer account to 19$. This promotion will be valid till 27th August 2013. I encourage people who would like to start developing applications for Windows Phone platform to consider using this promotion. This price is also attractive for developers whose account is almost expired. More details can be found at Dev Center web page.

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Selling applications at Polish Windows Store

Every time when somebody asks me if it is possible to earn money by selling application on [mark]Windows Store[/mark] that are targeted on Polish users, I say that in most cases you are unable to do this. Polish people have quite specific attitude for buying mobile applications and their evaluations. Ideally, the app should be free and without ads. […]

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1.2 billion new smartphones in 2013

You should start working at your one million dollar application. The revolution which has begun few years ago is still pushing us forward. According to Gartner in this year [mark]821 million of new smartphones[/mark] will be bought. In next year this number will increase by 45% to [mark]1.2 billion[/mark]. In 2012 smartphones will take 70% of whole new mobile phone sold at market. In the nearest future almost all of us will carry smart phone in a pocket. The second branch of mobile market that have not conquered market are tablets. Sales of this product in this year should reach [...]

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Developers’ account almost for free

New product of Microsoft – Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – has premiere this week. Since yesterday developers can download the Windows Phone 8 SDK. In addition to this two events Microsoft has announced that over next eight days developers [mark]can register for a Dev Center account for just $8[/mark]. The original price is $99. At beginning developers will be charged $99 and then in the next 45 days the difference will be refunded. More details can be founded at Microsoft web page.

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