FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension version 1.4

I just managed to publish a new version of package FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension. This package allows you to write unit tests for Fluent Validators in a more effective way. With version 1.4 following changes have been introduced: new verifiers that check the configuration of EnumValidator, MaxLengthValidator, MinLenghtValidator, ExactLengthValidator, ExclusiveBetweenValidator and InclusiveBetweenValidator support for .NETStandard 1.6 and .NETStandard 2.0 More information about the project is available on GitHub.

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FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension version 1.1

I just managed to publish new version of packgage FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension. This package allows you to write unit tests for Fluent Validators in more effective way. With version 1.1 following changes have been introduced: support for new version of FluentValidation 7.* new verifiers that check configuration of ScalePrecisionValidator and RegularExpressionValidator. More information about project is available on GitHub.

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Speeding up AutoFixture

I already mentioned about AutoFixture in one of the posts – Lightning talk – Autofixture. Main goal of this library is to help us with reduction of Arrange part of unit tests. With this library we can focus on the main scenario of unit test instead of focusing on building objects that are needed for test. Moreover AutoFixture will protect us against modification of classes that are being used in our unit tests. But it is not perfect. Sometimes duration of unit tests can increase dramatically. Especially when you are creating objects used by EntityFramework. […]

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I would like to introduce a new small library that I published – FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension. Main purpose of this library is to extend and simplify possibilities of testing code that is using FluentValidation package. You can install it by nuget: Install-Package FluentValidation.Validators.UnitTestExtension or download it from GithHub. One of approach of testing Fluent rules is presented in FluentValidation wiki page. You can find there information that FluentValidation comes with two extension methods ShouldHaveValidationErrorFor and ShouldNotHaveValidationErrorFor that can make it easier to write unit tests for validators. […]

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Unit tests – materials from trainings for quality engineers

I would like to invite you to familiarize with materials from training about unit tests. This training has been prepared as part of my work duties in Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists. The main goal of this training was to learn quality engineers that work in Objectivity how to write unit tests. The training has been divided into two parts: Unit Tests - The Beginning – this is an introduction to unit tests; you will learn: what unit tests are, how to develop them correctly, how you can cooperate in project to build better unit tests, how unit tests work. Unit [...]

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Learning tests

This is quite interesting idea that I found in Robect C. Martins’ book Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. With this idea you should write unit tests for 3rd part components. At the beginning it can look strange. Why should you do that? We buy 3rd part components to save money and time – we figure out that it will be cheaper and faster than our development process. We also believe that this components should be tested and should not have any errors. […]

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Windows Phone applications testing

Testing is a wide topic. Each developer has own point of view on this issue. Therefore, I do not want to take part in topics related to the ideology. But I want to share a little discovery. Recently reviewing my tracked resources I found a solution, which enables the automation of tests on the platform Windows Phone 7. One drawback of this solution is limited to testing only on the emulator, but on the other hand, during the automatic testing that are made on build server the phone will probably not be connected. The second drawback is the use of [...]

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