It seems to me, that each developer had to create at least once before good-looking user interface. This is a rather common problem, which is a challenge for people, that have no graphic skills. Creating an icon, logos and other graphics, not enough , comes with pain and it still takes a very long time.

In order to solve this problem, I wanted to recommend a program called Metro Studio 1. This is a free graphics editor, which allows you to create different types of icons. The statement creation can not be correct until the end because you do not create icons from the beginning. Based on the above 600 elemental template library of icons you can create your own icon in which the adjustment shall be subject to size, color and position of the elements making the icon. Created icons can be saved to a graphics file, or export to a file XAML. And most important of all is that the icons can be used in commercial projects.

Anyway, please look at it by yourself: